Thursday, August 9, 2007


Go check it out it's live!

The illustrations above are the work of the extremely brilliant Chris Wahl and the hysterically talented Chris Burns. These stickers were part of the teaser campaign. They were stuck to the outside of every layout and artwork we delivered leading up to today.

We also ran ads in the Advertising and Techie trade magazines with artists doing impressions of each other's characters based purely on description. Just like the old days when there was a menace to society on the loose. And make no mistake the Drawing Book artists are a menace to society!

Big shout outs to Roman "the perfect line" Stolz for such an awesome logo.
Derek 't Hit Fernandez from Red Box Digital for such a kick ass web design and animation job
And the Song Zu Crew for animating the animated with their incredible sound engineering and music.

Its Character building, imaginative escapism at it’s best!
Matt, Patrick and Mim
The Drawing Book Studios